Fourche Creek

Drain Smart 2016 People's Choice Awards Announced

The Drain Smart Committee announced the winners of second annual People’s Choice awards.

On Friday July 15, 2016, the Drain Smart Committee announced the winners of second annual People’s Choice awards. This past spring, local artists were selected to paint murals on 18 storm drains to promote water quality. Following the art unveiling party on June 14 where guests voted in person, the public had 30 days to vote online for their favorite art. Over 2,200 votes were cast. On Friday the Drain Smart Committee and artists gathered at A.W. Lin's Asian Cuisine to learn the results of the vote. Cash prizes totaling $1,000 were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

The winners of the second annual People's Choice awards were:
1st: Prinn Vandegrift, Have a Heart
2nd: Lorria Eubanks, Surfing Frog
3rd: Linda Haycook, Night at Fourche

Photo: Audubon Arkansas

The Drain Smart Committee congratulations and appreciates all the artists who made this year a success. Take a virtual tour of all 18 murals.

Drain Smart is an engaging public-education/environmental program using art to communicate the importance of reducing the litter that flows into our storm drains. Like most cities, Little Rock’s storm-drains flow directly into our streams, therefore trash on the street quickly becomes trash in our rivers, streams and wetlands.

Over the last two years, conservation-themed murals have been painted on 36 storm drains throughout Little Rock.  This year’s designated mural locations are grouped into three areas: The Promenade at Chenal, Center Street between 4th and 7th, and Main Street from 15th to 29th.

Solving the Fourche Creek litter problem is a large undertaking. This year alone volunteers have removed over 40 tons of litter from our urban watershed. Drain Smart hopes that public education will lighten that load.         

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