Priority Birds

Louisiana | Arkansas | Mississippi

A Gray Catbird forages in the yard of team Birdie Haynes Photo: Donna Haynes

Louisiana Priority Birds

Audubon scientists have identified several bird species that are the focus of intensive conservation efforts in Louisiana. At the top of the list are species that depend on rapidly disappearing wetlands and coastal areas, but some forest species are also of concern due to destruction of their habitats. The current list of species Audubon Louisiana focuses on includes the following birds: 

Wilson's Plover

Latin:  Charadrius wilsonia

Illustration for Wilson's Plover

Black Rail

Latin:  Laterallus jamaicensis

Illustration for Black Rail

Yellow Rail

Latin:  Coturnicops noveboracensis

Illustration for Yellow Rail

Least Tern

Latin:  Sternula antillarum

Illustration for Least Tern

Arkansas Priority Birds

A priority species is one that is particularly threatened in terms of its long-term survival. These species are the focus of Audubon Arkansas's conservation projects, including Important Bird Areas, climate change, and working lands management. Conservation focused on priority species also helps priority habitats and the broad array of other birds and wildlife that use the same habitat type. Below is a selection of priority bird species in Arkansas. 

Swainson's Warbler

Latin:  Limnothlypis swainsonii

Illustration for Swainson's Warbler

Northern Bobwhite

Latin:  Colinus virginianus

Illustration for Northern Bobwhite

Northern Parula

Latin:  Setophaga americana

Illustration for Northern Parula

Reddish Egret

Latin:  Egretta rufescens

Illustration for Reddish Egret

Mississippi Priority Birds

More than 325 bird species make the round-trip each year along the Mississippi Flyway, from their breeding grounds in Canada and the northern United States to their wintering grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and in Central and South America. Audubon Mississippi concentrates it's conservation work and efforts around critical bird species that depend on this flyway for survival. Audubon classifies these species of concern as Priority Bird Species. Our conservation work directly addresses the needs of these species and the habitats they rely on during their migration, during  nesting season, and as they overwinter. 

Prothonotary Warbler

Latin:  Protonotaria citrea

Illustration for Prothonotary Warbler

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Latin:  Archilochus colubris

Illustration for Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Latin:  Dryobates borealis

Illustration for Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Purple Martin

Latin:  Progne subis

Illustration for Purple Martin

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