Classroom Programs

Environmental education on the move- to your students!

Many of the environmental education programs available through field trips at the Little Rock Audubon Center are also available to come to you. Audubon staff is happy to teach programs on-site at your school or out-of-school time facility. 

  • Programs are available for all grades and levels and are tailored to each group's learning needs.
  • Programs can be scheduled for one class or several. 
  • Outdoor space may be required for all or part of some programs. 
  • The duration of each program runs for approximately 1-hour. This can be modified to better suit a specific group of students. 
  • Classes from districts in the region and out-of-school time groups are welcome to schedule a program.
  • Classroom programs are planned for groups with no more than 35 students. Larger groups will need discuss program set up with Audubon staff when scheduling.  
  • Fees: Within Pulaski County, $50 per program. Outside of Pulaski County, please inquire about mileage and travel fees.  Contact Audubon staff for school-wide or assembly style programs. 

Program options are attached below. Teachers, program coordinators, group leaders, etc. should contact Audubon staff with programs in mind. 

Please contact Uta Meyer at 501-244-2229 or for questions or to schedule a program. 


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