Coastal Stewardship-Mississippi

Sharing Our Seas and Shores

Find out more information about keeping our beaches and birds safe.

All along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Audubonstaff works with volunteers and partner organizations to conserve, restore, protect, and monitor a network of coastal sites for colonial and beach-nesting birds—including Wilson’s Plovers, Black Skimmers, and Least Terns—and to help people and birds coexist and thrive in these sensitive coastal areas. In some places, Audubon chapter members and other volunteers adopt beaches, educating beachgoers about the birds and how to keep them, their eggs, and their chicks safe. At other sites, professional stewards protect the critical island breeding habitat of colonial waterbirds. 

Audubon Mississippi has developed comprehensive partnership programs to actively monitor, manage, and recover key colonies and nesting sites for beach-dependent Gulf Coast birds. 

How you can help, right now