Fourche Creek

Norm Berner, Audubon's 2018 Volunteer of the Year

At a brief ceremony during our November 3 Fourche Creek cleanup, Audubon Arkansas recognized Norm Berner as our 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

As Vice-Chair of Friends of Fourche Creek (FoFC), he is a driving force behind Audubon's coalition of public, private, and community organizations working to restore and revitalize Little Rock's main waterway for the benefit of the environment and a wide variety of public uses. Norm volunteers many hudreds of hours to planning meetings, trash cleanups, public presentations, and float trips. He pursues every opportunity to promote the project across the city, looking for new partners and additional resources. FoFC would not be as successful as it is without Norm.

Norm is also a regular attendee at other Audubon events such as our volunteer seed collections for the NATIVE Project and our Happy Hours at Flyway Brewing every third Tuesday.

Norm Berner, a man who previously served his country in the US Air Force, now serves his city and community in so many ways. Volunteering is his passion, and in addition to helping Audubon, he has volunteered for: Meadowcliff/ Brookwood Neighborhood Association, Westwood Neighborhood Association, Little Rock Team Neighborhoods USA, City of Little Rock’s Volunteer Park Ranger Program, Curran Conway ParK’nership, Arkansas Urban Forestry Council, Keep Little Rock Beautiful, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission’s Stream Team, and Central Arkansas Trail Alliance.

Congratulations, Norm, and thank you for your service.

Volunteering at trash cleanup, 3/12/16 Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Manning registration at a cleanup, 4/19/14 Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Making sure Senator Joyce Elliott sees the challenges facing Fourche Creek. Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Congratulating Bass Pro kayak winner Shara Purtle. Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Tabling at Bass Pro Shops' Outfitters Expo. Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Talking about Fourche Creek at our booth at the Arkansas State Fair. Photo: Audubon Arkansas
Talking Fourche Creek on Big 94.9 FM. Photo: Audubon Arkansas

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