A Living Laboratory of Restoration and Conservation

Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary

The Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary, located in southwest Louisiana, is the National Audubon Society’s oldest and largest bird sanctuary, spanning 26,000 acres in Vermilion Parish. This hidden gem, only accessible by boat, is a “living laboratory” for coastal restoration and conservation, and a safe haven for over 200 species of birds and other wildlife.

Prior to becoming a Walker Communications Fellow, I was unaware that a place like this existed in my home state. Visiting the sanctuary was eye-opening – even though the location is remote and quiet, the work being done there speaks volumes. After my visit, I knew I wanted to make the Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary my final project as a Walker Communications Fellow. Watch the video to learn more about the Rainey Sanctuary, including its rich history, the critical restoration and conservation projects happening on the property, and the millions of birds who depend on it for nesting and migratory ground.

Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary

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