Fourche Creek

Fourche Creek Fall Cleanup Results, Kayak Winner

THANK YOU to the 40 volunteers who joined us on November 3 for our Fourche Creek Fall Cleanup. We removed an estimated 2,976 lbs. of floatable trash, 29 tires, toys, appliances, and more. Thanks to the Arkansas State Fairgrounds for hosting the event and providing coffee, donuts, staff, and equipment. Keep Little Rock Beautiful kept us supplied with trashbags, gloves, and t-shirts. Thanks to Kendal Strayhorn for scouting out and flagging the trash piles ahead of time; we couldn't get to all the spots he marked because of high water so we'll have to go back. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who could have been enjoying the lovely morning at any one of a number of events but chose to help clean up our creek.

Congratulations to Norm Berner, who was recognized as Audubon Arkansas's Volunteer of the Year for all that he does in support of us and Fourche Creek!

Congratulations also to Mary Traylor who is the winner of the kayak donated by Bass Pro Shops of Little Rock!  She was selected from among all those who registered with us at our booth at the Arkansas State Fair.

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