Little Rock Audubon Center

Clean Energy Policy Charges Ahead

This fall, Audubon Delta in Arkansas charged ahead on our public policy work advocating for a clean energy future and embracing common-sense environmental solutions.

On September 27th, Audubon and some of our key partners hosted a panel discussion and screening of the documentary, "Revenge Of The Electric Car" at the Ron Robinson Theatre in Little Rock. Audubon advocates for the rapid deployment of clean electric vehicles and charging stations as one important way to reduce carbon emissions and protect bird populations from the dangers of climate change. As part of this advocacy, we have recently installed two free, publicly available electric vehicle charging stations at the Little Rock Audubon Center. Come on by, take a hike or go birding, and charge up your electric vehicle with clean solar power at no charge!

On October 10th, Audubon hosted an official meeting of the Arkansas state legislature's Joint Energy Committee at the Center. More than twenty Arkansas state senators and representatives—plus state cabinet heads and Public Service Commissioners—participated in discussions centered around improving our state's solar energy policies, advancing deployment of electric vehicle charging stations across the state, and embracing funding opportunities for hydrogen fuel possibilities. After the meeting, Audubon leaders took the Committee co-chairs on a detailed tour of our onsite solar array to explain how it works and answer questions. This was the first time Audubon has hosted a legislative committee for an official meeting, and it was a great opportunity to build relationships with key state decision-makers.

On November 18th, Audubon hosted the 7th annual Arkansas Environmental Policy Summit. More than 100 activitists, regulators, and policy makers participated in panel discussion topics that included renewable energy in Arkansas, native plants, environment and public health, and the importance opportunities presented by the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. Our keynote speaker was Marshall Johnson, Chief Conservation Officer for National Audubon Society. All in all, it was an excellent day of policy talk that will help fuel our citizen activism in important ways.  

Many thanks to our partners and co-sponsors for the Summit--Arkansas Citizens' Climate League, Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light, Arkansas Public Policy Panel, Arkansas Sierra Club, Zero Hour at the University of Arkansas.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in these key events—we look forward to more partner collaboration opportunities with you very soon!

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