Fourche Creek

Neighborhood Preceptions of Fourche Creek

Clinton School study reveals the relationship between residents and Fourche Creek

In partership with Audubon Arkansas, the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service conducted research on residents’ views of Fourche Creek, and the types of recreational opportunities they would like to have available within the watershed. Students specifically interviewed and surveyed residents in neighborhoods adjacent to Fourche Bottoms.

Most participants were familiar with Fourche Creek and were interested in the prospect of having more outdoor recreational opportunities in their area. They were particularly interested in having more options for hiking, biking, and fishing in an area close to home. A number of people expressed concern over trash and maintenance issues affecting the creek. Nonetheless, a majority of the participants indicated that they would be willing to participate in cleanup efforts. The report below provides more detailed information on the process of data collection and the results.

Audubon will use the findings to shape the revitalization of Fourche Bottoms as Fourche Creek Preserve.

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