Sample Birdathon Team Profile

What does a Birdathon Team Profile look like?

Team: The Bird Nerds

Team Captain:

John James Audubon

Team Members: 

Frank Chapman

Florence Merriam Bailey 

Alexander Wilson

Rachel Carson

Description: The Bird Nerds are a team of long-ago ornithologists. We're looking forward to adding BirdAR's Birdathon to our resumes of things we've done to support the birds we love. Our goal is to win the "most species" category; we have the strategy to do it! Please support our team and help us make history. (Note: Teams may submit a photo with their registration form. If no photo is submitted, a BirdAR logo will be used for the Team Profile page.)

To donate to The Bird Nerds, click here (This link would go to your team's donation page). 

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