Walking bridge at Daisy Bates Elementary

Schoolyard Habitat


Schoolyard Habitat

Audubon Arkansas's Schoolyard Habitat Program- Bring Nature into Learning Environments

Audubon's Schoolyard Habitat Program is an initiative created in partnership with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife that develops healthy schoolyard habitats. These habitats benefit wildlife, incorporate the school's local place into the classroom, and provide a relevant learning space for students to experience all disciplines. 

Students and teachers are actively engaged in the creation of their schoolyard habitat. Audubon and Partners for Fish and Wildlife staff work with students and teachers to develop and plan to complete the on-the-ground work. 

For participating schools, Audubon Arkansas provides: 

  • Expertise in conservation, habitat management, and environmental education. 
  • A teacher workshop following the completion of the schoolyard habitat. Workshop will focus on activities of use to teachers of all disciplines to engage their students in the new space. 
  • Resources on native plants, bird boxes, bat boxes, stormwater management, etc. to guide teachers and students in other projects.

To date, two schools in the central Arkansas area have become a part of the Schoolyard Habitat Program.  Daisy Bates Elementary and J.A. Fair High School worked with Audubon staff to create a schoolyard habitat unique to their place and student needs. 

For more information about the Schoolyard Habitat Program and how to become a participating school, contact Uta Meyer at 501-244-2229 or umeyer@audubon.org.

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