Energy Efficiency

Reduces Waste, Creates Jobs, Protects Birds

Energy Efficiency is good for birds. The more energy we save from waste, the less pollution we create by burning fossil fuels and the less habitat is destroyed to build new power plants and transmission infrastructure.

Since 2010, Audubon Arkansas has been deeply engaged with regulators and utilities to drastically increase energy efficiency efforts in Arkansas. Working with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) we fought to establish performance targets for energy efficiency programs in Arkansas. Arkansas’s targets were the first statewide energy performance targets established in a southern state. 

Arkansas’s savings targets began with a 0.25 percent reduction of energy waste in the first year, now thanks to our efforts, the savings targets are set to hit 1.0% of annual sales. That means that over the last six years we have:

  • increased energy efficiency spending by electric and gas utilities from zero to nearly $100 million dollars per year
  • saved over 1 Million Mwh of energy from waste
  • prevented more than 760,000 tons of additional Carbon pollution
  • created over 9,000 clean energy jobs

We continue to engage on program management and improvement through formal public comments and hearings, sworn testimony, legal briefs, technical conferences, and public presentations. 

To read the APSC Sustainable Energy Resources (SER) Action Guide, click here.

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