Little Rock Audubon Center

Kids and Climate

News from a Bird's Eye View

Audubon Network News reports on the National Audubon Society's new study on birds and climate change. What can you do to help our birds? Our 'Very Junior' Anchors and Correspondents have the story and tips on how to take action.

At the Center

Visiting the Center to bird our trails or for a field trip? Stop by our Birds and Climate exhibit. The above Audubon Network News story can be viewed alongside valuable resources on how to "protect our climate and our birds." These include an Audubon Arkansas climate action pledge and take-home materials provided by Audubon and the Arkansas Energy Office. 

Interested in a classroom or field trip program about Birds and Climate Change for your K-12 students? Contact Uta Meyer 501-244-2229 or for more information. Programs are modified for all age groups and abilities. 

How you can help, right now